National Security

National Security of the country is an aspect that needs to be given more importance.

Civil Rights

It is the basic duty of the government to make sure that the right of every citizen is protected.

Open Government

The Open government refers to the transparency of the government to the citizen of the country.

Health Care

Health care to every citizen of the nation is mandatory. It is the basic right of the citizen to enjoy good health care.

Voting Rights

The right of every citizen to choose his or her ruler is the most important of all.


Education is the best tool to transform this world into a better place. So education is the right of every kid in the country.

Political Influence

The politics can influence a lot of things. But it is mandatory that they result in the betterment of the lives of people.


Political Act

Figh, Believe, Inspire

The three things that can transform the world and make your life and the life of others better.

Keep Terrorists Out

When it comes to terrorists and terrorism that is no second thoughts but to eliminate them completely.

Stand For Life

It is your life, and it is up to you to stand for it and fight for it.

Human Rights

Conference of Political Association For Human Benefits

The Conference of political Association for human Benefits is organized every year. Leaders and eminent personalities from all over the world will attend the conference. It mainly discusses human rights and takes necessary steps against the violation of human rights.

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Top tips for successful patient portal secure messaging

Patient portal secure messaging offers patients the means to communicate with their doctors privately without having to meet with them in person. Patients have the opportunity to request for medical advice, appointments, or even get renewals for their prescriptions without having to visit the clinic or the hospital. Here are some tips to make your patient portal secure messaging more successful and patient-friendly.

1) Establish boundaries for message content

Just because clinicians have the opportunity to interact with their patients via healthcare messaging app does not mean that their manner of interaction changes. Clinicians are still expected to be sensitive and empathetic in their communications with patients. Often, the kind of content that is delivered to the patient from the clinician is at the clinician’s discretion. However, this poses the risk of the clinician communicating sensitive information such as test results or negative news about the health of the patient via the portal. Though this is an acceptable method, it is important that the clinician and the patient discuss in advance whether this method suits the patient or not. Certain patients might be comfortable with receiving negative news via the portal, and some might not. Face-to-face interaction while delivering such news is important as it allows the patient to gauge the intensity of the problem and ask the clinician queries that may immediately flood their mind. Speaking with the clinician directly also allows the patients to plan their treatment better and with immediate action. Thus, it is important that patients and their clinicians devise guidelines as to what information can be communicated via the portal and what needs to be communicated face-to-face.

2) Set specific times for answering queries

It is humanely impossible for clinicians and medical staff to respond to patient queries as soon as they are received through the portal. In the event that the clinician does not respond within the patient’s expected response time, there is a possibility that the patient may get impatient and annoyed with the clinician. Thus, it is important that clinicians speak with their patients to create a demarcation between queries that require instant response and those that don’t. For example, a question regarding medication updates is most likely not urgent, and can thus wait in the clinician’s inbox until they respond to it. Deciding on a schedule for responding will also allow the clinician to organize their work better since there is now a clear period of time for them to respond to all queries at one go. Allotting a specific time for receiving answers to their queries can also help patients manage their expectations for communication from the clinician, reducing the pressure on the clinician as well as reducing stress on the patient’s side.

3) Have designated tech support

It is essential that every clinic or hospital assign specific people for tech support in the event that the portal suffers from technical glitches. Patients are more likely to get dissuaded from using a portal if they come across technical snags often. The more technical issues that the portal faces, the lesser patients are likely to trust this means of communication as a secure and safe channel to communicate with their clinician. This will also help the medical staff operate the portal better, and will ease communication with the vendors of the software whenever needed.

Interesting facts about kratom

Kratom is a product that is obtained from the leaves of the kratom tree that are found in many parts of Southeast Asia. It is known to have a lot of positive impacts on both the physical and mental health of an individual. It has become so popular in the west that kratom of high quality can be bought from many stores.  Most of the people do have a lot of knowledge about kratom like its origin, the dosage, how it can be consumed and so on.  But there are a lot of things that most people have no idea about. In this article, we will see some interesting facts about kratom.

The East India Company

The East India Company was the trading company that was set up by the British when they ruled India. They had a very important role to play in the spreading of Kratom to the west. It was the botanist Pieter Korthalas who worked for the East India Company gave the botanical name Mitragyna in 1839.

It is actually coffee

Kratom actually belongs to the coffee family. Most of us do have the habit of drinking coffee to stimulate our senses. We all know that Kratom also has some stimulant properties.

Kratom is an evergreen tree

Kratom is an evergreen tree that can keep giving things throughout the year. The tree is capable of growing up to eighty feet tall.  When you harvest the leaves, it takes a maximum of two weeks for the new leaves to come.

Three strains

There are actually three strains of kratom. They are white, red and green. There is a lot of difference in the way they interact with the human body. For example, red kratom that is very much confined to Thailand has high sedative properties when compared to the rest.

The energy booster

In the beginning, people did not know that kratom had medical properties. So kratom was actually used by the laborers as a stimulant to increase the physical endurance.

Take it any form you like

Kratom is actually one of the very few things that can be consumed in many ways. It can be brunt and smoked, chewed or can be mixed with water and drunk. We all know that kratom comes in the form of powder, liquid dose, and capsules.

The compounds

There are actually more than forty compounds in the kratom leaf. But the important ones that have psychoactive effects are mitragynine and hydroxymitragynin.

The Extremes

It is just surprising that kratom can act both a stimulant and sedative. The fact is that if you want it to act as a stimulant take it in low dose. If you are taking it high dosage then, it will act as a sedative.

The strength of nature

It is said that the seven kinds of hydroxymitragynine that are found in Kratom is nearly thirteen times powerful and stronger than morphine.

Strong evidence

After proper research, there are actually two strong pieces of evidence that can demonstrate that Kratom can have antidepressant effects.

How the United States Supports Human Rights


A very vital role is assumed by the United States when it comes to supporting as well as developing human rights practices. When the Declaration of Independence was penned, an essential aspect of human rights was highlighted which read “all men were created equal” and this came into being in 1776 when they severed all ties with the British.


After the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were put in place, a new kind of governing was born where the treatment of the country’s people become a standard. This is the reason why US citizen highly value their rights since they identify them as a part of their national pride.


Many people from all over the world which mainly include people from colonies came to the US in search of the promised new land where their core beliefs and practices were given the appropriate freedom to exist.


However, a solid reason as to how they have such a well established set of human rights laws is because they gave it a lot of time and effort. More importantly, its penning began way before the country’s emancipation from its colonizer — these included freedom of speech laws, the right to assembly and also the freedom to worship any god.


This is also backed by Thomas Jefferson’s rise to the presidency because he was one of the most prominent authors of the Declaration of Independence. The full extent of its potential was realized, and this helped establish the country’s extensive range of human rights.


The identification of the need for these rights is the reason why they are so popular since our creation is mainly based on a set couple of laws that are not only relevant in a governing sense, but also in ways that help the people. Some of the most fundamental human rights include life, the ability to pursue happiness and even liberty.


But not everything was fine during the formation of the American republic since slavery was still in practice for the first 75 years. Even societal racism was at its peak since segregation was still in practice.


Even the Native Americans had to face the wrath at the time since most of them were driven away from their homes by the government in favor of increasing industrialization and cities.

Since even during the creation of human rights lapses were normality, one shouldn’t detract from the possibility that human rights haven’t reached the peak of what it really should be. As they, there is room for improvement all the time.


Biggest Human Rights Violation And Where They Happened

human rights

Human rights violations have occurred almost throughout the history of mankind, and according to a report that was given by Amnesty International, it was found that a global regression in human rights is being seen.

This is mainly due to the fact that the leaders responsible for this mostly only pushed for more hate and were never taken on accounts for their crimes against humanity. As much as 159 countries have been reported to have shown some or the other sort of human rights violation, and this was all the way back in 2017.

In this article, we look at some of the most active places that have been targeted for human

rights violation.



1.      Venezuela

It has been widely known that the human rights situation in Venezuela is far from alright since the President of the South American country, Nicolas Maduro has been seen guilty of committing plenty of crimes against humanity.

Without a shred or ounce of doubt, the overall issue which spans from food shortages, weight loss crisis to currency mismanagement and even unemployment. The effects of the crisis do not restrict itself to a small audience either since as much as 75% of Venezuelans are terribly unsettled by this.

A report by Amnesty International also commented on the human rights crisis by saying that it has reached the tipping point.


2.      Syria

Everybody is aware of the ongoing civil war that is going on in Syria but what is interesting is that it has begun to spread on a global scale as well. Countries such as Russia who were allied with the government even gave them additional support which resulted in countless civilians being victim to attacks.

A solution to this problem is of pertinent importance to the UN Security Council and also to look for ideas on imposing a ceasefire.


3.      Russia

Vladimir Putin may be celebrated as a hero at times but what many are infuriated with is how the Russian president rained in on peaceful protestors showing a clear aversion to free speech ideals.

This is mainly due to the presidential election that was due to happen in the upcoming month. The number of protestors that were arrested reached a number that ranged in hundreds and it was also announced by the campaign groups that the ones who got arrested had to go through several beatings, intimidation and even detention sentences.