Biggest Human Rights Violation And Where They Happened

human rights

Human rights violations have occurred almost throughout the history of mankind, and according to a report that was given by Amnesty International, it was found that a global regression in human rights is being seen.

This is mainly due to the fact that the leaders responsible for this mostly only pushed for more hate and were never taken on accounts for their crimes against humanity. As much as 159 countries have been reported to have shown some or the other sort of human rights violation, and this was all the way back in 2017.

In this article, we look at some of the most active places that have been targeted for human

rights violation.



1.      Venezuela

It has been widely known that the human rights situation in Venezuela is far from alright since the President of the South American country, Nicolas Maduro has been seen guilty of committing plenty of crimes against humanity.

Without a shred or ounce of doubt, the overall issue which spans from food shortages, weight loss crisis to currency mismanagement and even unemployment. The effects of the crisis do not restrict itself to a small audience either since as much as 75% of Venezuelans are terribly unsettled by this.

A report by Amnesty International also commented on the human rights crisis by saying that it has reached the tipping point.


2.      Syria

Everybody is aware of the ongoing civil war that is going on in Syria but what is interesting is that it has begun to spread on a global scale as well. Countries such as Russia who were allied with the government even gave them additional support which resulted in countless civilians being victim to attacks.

A solution to this problem is of pertinent importance to the UN Security Council and also to look for ideas on imposing a ceasefire.


3.      Russia

Vladimir Putin may be celebrated as a hero at times but what many are infuriated with is how the Russian president rained in on peaceful protestors showing a clear aversion to free speech ideals.

This is mainly due to the presidential election that was due to happen in the upcoming month. The number of protestors that were arrested reached a number that ranged in hundreds and it was also announced by the campaign groups that the ones who got arrested had to go through several beatings, intimidation and even detention sentences.