Human Rights

How the United States Supports Human Rights

Human Rights

A very vital role is assumed by the United States when it comes to supporting as well as developing human rights practices. When the Declaration of Independence was penned, an essential aspect of human rights was highlighted which read “all men were created equal” and this came into being in 1776 when they severed all ties with the British.


After the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were put in place, a new kind of governing was born where the treatment of the country’s people become a standard. This is the reason why US citizen highly value their rights since they identify them as a part of their national pride.


Many people from all over the world which mainly include people from colonies came to the US in search of the promised new land where their core beliefs and practices were given the appropriate freedom to exist.


However, a solid reason as to how they have such a well established set of human rights laws is because they gave it a lot of time and effort. More importantly, its penning began way before the country’s emancipation from its colonizer — these included freedom of speech laws, the right to assembly and also the freedom to worship any god.


This is also backed by Thomas Jefferson’s rise to the presidency because he was one of the most prominent authors of the Declaration of Independence. The full extent of its potential was realized, and this helped establish the country’s extensive range of human rights.


The identification of the need for these rights is the reason why they are so popular since our creation is mainly based on a set couple of laws that are not only relevant in a governing sense, but also in ways that help the people. Some of the most fundamental human rights include life, the ability to pursue happiness and even liberty.


But not everything was fine during the formation of the American republic since slavery was still in practice for the first 75 years. Even societal racism was at its peak since segregation was still in practice.


Even the Native Americans had to face the wrath at the time since most of them were driven away from their homes by the government in favor of increasing industrialization and cities.

Since even during the creation of human rights lapses were normality, one shouldn’t detract from the possibility that human rights haven’t reached the peak of what it really should be. As they, there is room for improvement all the time.


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